Press Release: 04/24/14

New TT-Series Digital Torque Tool Tester

nishimotoThe TT Digital Torque Tool Tester is a simple operation test instrument for quickly checking torque tool performance. The TT Series provides exceptional accuracy for measuring torque on various products including torque wrenches, manual screwdrivers, electric screwdrivers, pneumatic screwdrivers and other torque controlled power tools.

The TT’s provide long operation life and power flexibility with the ability to work from the internal rechargeable battery or included AC adapter. The TT’s have four modes of operation: Track for live readings, Peak which records the highest level over a test, First Peak which records the first peak reading over the test and Track/Peak which shows both the live readings as well as the peak reading recorded.

The backlit display provides an analog bar graph on screen to allow the user to know where the resultant torque is currently positioned compared to the full scale range of the unit. CW/CCW icons along with programmable pass/fail LED’s ( HI/OK/LO) assist users with ensuring proper test set up along with enabling a quick determination of the results.

For more details on the TT-Series Digital Torque Tool Tester go to our Precision Instrumentation website.

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